Will Daringbadi – Odisha’s Kashmir remain?

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We all know that ′′ Daringbadi is Kashmir of Odisha That’s why thousands of tourists from all over India are coming here, to enjoy its natural beauty. There’s no such thing to see. But there’s so much to feel.

Daringbadi, located about 3250 feet above the sea fall. It’s gusty forests, high mountain consent, biodiversity, cool winds throughout the year, provide enough food for tourists to enjoy. In 2015, the then district administration, with the efforts of various local organizations and media of Daringwadi, Daringwadi got a place on the world tourism map.

This year’s district administration, here by doing Eco retreat, is trying to give it the recognition of a hill station. This is a very good thing. The number of tourists has increased this year. I’m having a fear in my mind within all of this. Because now the temperature of Daringbadi is always higher than Phulbani. It is also natural to stay. Because of the number of vehicles, horses, and tourists coming to Daringbadi, the amount of feast going on, the amount of garbage collected daily, doesn’t affect the temperature, who can say. More than six thousand tourists, thousands of vehicles with more than 250 picnics, were seen here last Sunday. As there was no place for a picnic, I had to see people cooking on the roadside. It’s not just a Sunday scene, it’s almost a month ago.

To manage so many tourists, Daringbadi doesn’t have that kind of infrastructure or plan. Its main tourist destinations are within an area of about 180 square kilometers. Its four main tourist destinations, Madiubanda waterfalls, Dudubada falls, pine forest, and sunset point. The first three of these four locations still don’t have a good connection road or toilet system. Often due to not having enough food hotels, tourists, are returning hungry. Here everyone is doing the price of their own will. No one has control over anyone. This has a direct impact on local consumers. To control such a big tourist area, no arrangements have been made yet. There is a lot of rubbish everywhere. After seeing all this, if tourists turn their faces once, it may not be possible to bring them back again.

If the best continues like this, then our beloved Daringbadi will only have to be found in history or dreams. If we don’t think seriously from now on, then may be weeping the Nedi Gud Khani.

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